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Target Hits The Mark With Inclusive Fashion

Adiba Nelson

Remember being a kid, and the joy of FINALLY being able to pick out your own clothes? You could match your acid washed jeans with your oversized gray fringed sweatshirt, or peg your pants to show off your double layered scrunched socks....

Oh wait - did I just date myself? 

Whatever - we all remember the joy of being "in style" as a kid. Unfortunately, for kiddos with varying disabilities, they have found themselves watching from the veritable back row of life's catwalk, never being able to participate. Because:

itchy tags

inside seams

shirts with buttons

narrow pant legs

narrow hip widths

And the list goes on and on. Now, if you're a crafty parent, maybe this wasn't an issue for you. Maybe you just broke out the trusty sewing machine to revamp the clothes so they worked and were on-trend. However, if you're anything like me - you safety pinned the heck out of everything that came into your home and prayed your kid didn't turn into a human voodoo doll at the expense of fashion. 

Well, it seems as though Target has heard the cries of my kid, er, I mean parents of kids with special needs all across the land and have expanded their adorable Cat & Jack brand to include SENSORY FRIENDLY CLOTHING!


It's almost like Christmas! They feature tagless shirts, and pants/shorts that are wider in the hip and butt to accommodate kiddos in diapers (and soon to come: side zip dresses)! And unlike the unsightly shoes that are handed to us when our kiddos get their first pair of AFO's (ankle-foot orthotics), they did NOT skimp on the cuteness factor. Check out these adorable items (click eachto purchase)!

They also carry flat seam leggings and solid colored tops for boys and girls. With prices ranging from $5-$7, not only can our kiddos get on the fashion train, they can eat dinner too - because it's so dang affordable! We always knew we loved Target, but this - well this just seared that little red bullseye onto our hearts forever. 

Thank you Target for leading the way in retail inclusion!

*NOT a sponsored post. We're just really geeked about this new offering from Target and HAD to share it with you!*

Help Us Get To The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Adiba Nelson

We know Ellen DeGeneres is the Queen of Kindness, so who better to introduce "Meet ClaraBelle Blue" and its message of inclusion, empathy and kindness to THE ENTIRE WORLD? However, we can't do it without your help. If you believe that the work we are doing at RocketChair Productions is making our global community better and stronger for ALL children by promoting inclusion and visibility of children with special needs, click on the link below! Tell Ellen why you love our book "Meet ClaraBelle Blue", how the story has positively impacted your life (or your child/children's) life, or even what you love/why you love our social media campaigns (FACES, Word of The Day Wednesday, #ClaraBelleCaughtMe). 

Here are some things you may need when submitting your letter:

Author Name: Adiba Nelson

Photo of our book cover:

cover - shrunk.jpg

To save the above photo to your computer and submit with your letter, simply 'right click' on the photo, click on 'Save Image As' , then name it whatever you want, press 'Enter' and voila - your picture is ready to be included with your letter!

We are working diligently to make ClaraBelle Blue a household name, and we thank you in advance for being such supportive fans of our work! 

Click here to tell Ellen DeGeneres how "Meet ClaraBelle Blue" and RocketChair Productions is making a positive impact on our global community!