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Help Us Get To The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Adiba Nelson

We know Ellen DeGeneres is the Queen of Kindness, so who better to introduce "Meet ClaraBelle Blue" and its message of inclusion, empathy and kindness to THE ENTIRE WORLD? However, we can't do it without your help. If you believe that the work we are doing at RocketChair Productions is making our global community better and stronger for ALL children by promoting inclusion and visibility of children with special needs, click on the link below! Tell Ellen why you love our book "Meet ClaraBelle Blue", how the story has positively impacted your life (or your child/children's) life, or even what you love/why you love our social media campaigns (FACES, Word of The Day Wednesday, #ClaraBelleCaughtMe). 

Here are some things you may need when submitting your letter:

Author Name: Adiba Nelson

Photo of our book cover:

cover - shrunk.jpg

To save the above photo to your computer and submit with your letter, simply 'right click' on the photo, click on 'Save Image As' , then name it whatever you want, press 'Enter' and voila - your picture is ready to be included with your letter!

We are working diligently to make ClaraBelle Blue a household name, and we thank you in advance for being such supportive fans of our work! 

Click here to tell Ellen DeGeneres how "Meet ClaraBelle Blue" and RocketChair Productions is making a positive impact on our global community!