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FACES: The Visibility Series

About Emory


(The REAL ClaraBelle Blue)

Emory wants you to know that she may not be able to speak clearly, but she always wants to have a chat with you - even if it means you have to follow her gestures.

Her mom wants you to know that that Emory has a rare form of Cerebral Palsy called Schizencephaly which affects her fine and gross motor skills, as well as her speech skills. But it doesn't affect her love for cuddles, hugs, and sneaky tickles!

About Michael

Michael wants you to know THIS about him: "I may scream a lot. But underneath that I'm fiercely affectionate and loving." 

His parents would like you to know this about their son: "Michael already has a wonderful sense of humor. He loves to give kisses and hugs. His emotions are intense and pure. If he loves you he does so with his whole being. He loves music, dancing, jumping and running."

About Tyler

What Tyler wants you to know: "I love to laugh, and it brings me A LOT of joy to make others laugh, too!" 

Tyler's parent's want you to know THIS about their son: "Like many of his idols, such as The Incredible Hulk, Spiderman, Captain America, Star-Lord, and Iron Man, Tyler also makes an impact on those around him. While he may not possess the physical powers of these heroes, Tyler does have, in a lot ways, the same ability to impact those around him. One thing that brings him more joy than superheroes, is making those around him laugh. Any opportunity to make someone laugh, he takes it. Tyler is 100% a class clown! He is sensitive to the needs of those around him, whether they be sad or happy. Tyler picks up the emotions of those around him and internalizes them. Our son is sarcastic, ornery, funny, happy, compassionate, and full of so much life. It can be hard to see it if you do not give him the time he needs to show you. We've never known anyone with such a strong and determined heart."

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About Madeleine

Madeleine wants you to know that she understands what is happening around her, she just can not communicate it to the world.She is happy most of the time but frustrated from my inability to speak. People think she is badly behaved in public but it is her autism. She is not a bad child.

Her mom, Zoey Read had this to say about her sweet girl:
"Everyone who knows Maddie loves her. She is curious about the world, like all children. Her autism requires the people around her to adapt her environment at times, in order for her to function well within it. She attends an autism program at elementary school daily and is really trying hard to socialize and communicate more and more every day. Her smile and laughter makes the world a better place. Her determination and character make her an awesome kid. "

About Rena

One thing Rena would like you to know is the she is WORTH getting to know.

Her parents, Nicole and Craig want people to know that individuals with disabilities are unique and inspiring. "We are blessed to have Rena and Claire. We are better people because of them."

About Lexi

Lexi wants you to know THIS about her: "I want people to know that I am nice, and I am good."

Lexi's mom needs you to know this about her sweet girl: Lexi is an awesome girl with an amazing personality, I just wish she had more friends to interact with. She does care about those around her which gives her a loving personality. She may seem different but she is very much the same as any child who wants friends and people in her life.

About Claire

Claire has this to tell you about herself: "I have a wicked sense of humor. And I love to have fun! Everyday, I wake up with a smile. Excited to see my classmates/friends/teachers." 

And from her parents, Nicole Feaster and Craig: "Claire is resilient. She is our joy! Bright & bubbly, Claire's smile lights up the room! And her belly laugh is contagious! Claire doesn't let anything stop her from achieving a goal. We love her to the moon and back!" 

About Savannah

Miss Savannah would like to tell you THIS: "I might be smaller than my peers but I am strong and independent."

Her mama, Danielle Rothfeld wants you to know this about her kiddo: "Savannah is fearless. It's a big world and she's a small girl but that doesn't stop her. Whether she's trying to climb the wall or climbing up the stairs."

About Olivia


In true 5-year-old fashion, Olivia woulf like you to know that she ha curly hair (like ClaraBelle Blue).

Her parents have this to say about Olivia: "Olivia is a very determined little girl who has never let her spina bifida define her or hold her back. She goes rollerskating, has done gymnastics, plays baseball and can maneuver just about anywhere she wants to be. She is very compassionate and wants to be sure that other are happy and feeling good."

About Patrick

Patrick would like you to know that he is extremely shy, and won't talk to you until he really knows you. 

His parents would like you to know that "Patrick is a very sweet boy who had a really tough first yea that left him with life long challenges. He has overcome so much and has brought so much joy to the live of his family. He has the sweetest smile and loves to be cuddled and loved!"

About Aidan

"I love to talk but sometimes my response is delayed. If you have patience I just might surprise you."

Aidan's mom has this to say about her son: "Aidan is an amazing kid who works hard to overcome challenges everyday while finding joy in everything, He loves to be silly and he wins the hearts of everyone around him."

About Darious

In his own words, Darious has this to say about himself: "I am just like every other kid. I may seem hyper or bad at school but that's only because I have a hard time paying attention. I am not broken or weird. I am me!"

His parents have this to say about their sweet son: "Darious has always had the sweetest disposition. He is kind, generous, compassionate, and accepting. He never passes judgement on people, no matter their differences. he embraces everyone. He loves his family to the end of the Earth and would do anything to make us happy. He has a strong desire to please everyone. all the time. Darious is funny and smart but often misunderstood. He has only ever wanted to fit in. To be liked. To be "normal". He is just beginning his journey to self acceptance and is doing a great job."

About Zeke

" I love to be silly and make others laugh. There is joy to be found all around us daily. I can understand everything you say in front of me I just don't have speech to respond. But, follow my eyes and I'll have an entire conversation with you."

From Zeke's parents: "Our boy Zeke is the biggest blessing we could have hoped for. He brings joy to the mundane. He loves to help with anything. He has the best lopsided mischievous grin that endears stranger's to him. He has never met a stranger he didn't like. Zeke has a fighting spirit and has overcome many obstacles. It's that tenacity that is going to take him far in life. We love you little man."