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Children's Book About Special Needs - Reviews

Reviews for Meet ClaraBelle Blue



"Adiba Nelson’s sincere, easy narrative is a heartfelt exploration of patience, acceptance and understanding—a most perfect way to introduce the concept of special needs to young children. ClaraBelleBlue’s abilities make it plain: “Everything you can do, I can do, too—let’s play!” What a delicious message to spread far and wide. Adiba’s deft touch does a fine job of delivering."

Denene Millner, New York Times bestselling author and founder of


We recently read ClaraBelle Blue and it's an absolute must for all parents and schools! I had the blessing of meeting the author and although she explained the book to me, I admit I didn't fully grasp what it was until I read it. We have a daughter with a rare genetic disorder so I was expecting the book to be geared towards her. In a way it was but it's really for kids like her! This book so perfectly explains to other kids (on their level) that they WILL encounter other kids who don't act or look exactly like them, but they still have a lot in common. I will be advertising this book to all I know because it's the only book I've read like this and it is written so well! I appreciate this for so many reasons and I just know others will too :)

-Nicole Guysi, Parent Support @ Raising Special Kids

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"I love that ClaraBelle is giving children the chance to see that just because someone may have different abilities or needs than they do, it doesn't mean they're actually any different at all. The author tackles what many parents struggle to explain with grace and humor, and does it in a way that is easily understood and internalized by children (and adults) of all ages."

Kathryn Tague - Director of Media Relations, The Good Men Project


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