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RCP Presents: The Radically Inclusive Halloween Guide

adiba nelson

Costumes and Candies and Goop, OH MY!

Yes, yes folks! It's that time of year - HALLOWEEN SEASON! Too often kiddos with special needs/special healthcare needs are left out of the fun, and well, there's just no reason for that -- especially in this day and age. So we've decided to do you a solid and create this handy dandy guide, so that YOU can do your best to have a truly inclusive Halloween this year!

As you go through the guide, you will notice that certain things light up "blue". Go ahead and click on them! They're either printable PDF's (found in the Teal Pumpkin Project area), or links to a corresponding web page. We did our best to think of as many ways to be inclusive as possible, but if we left anything out, or you have some great ideas/suggestions, drop us a comment! We'd love to hear from you!

P.S. Super huge thanks to the Rinn family for being those adorable kiddos on the cover!

P.P.S. For the best reading experience, view our guide in FULL SCREEN.