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Gifts For EVERYONE On Your List!

Adiba Nelson

It's no secret. 

The holidays are hands down the most FAVORITE time of year for the ladies of RCP. The baking, the caroling, the yards and yards and yards of wrapping paper - it's all just wonderful! What we love most though, above anything else - GIFT GIVING!  I think we can all admit that there is nothing better than watching our little ones tear open gift after gift exclaiming  "WOW!" time and time again. It's the best, right?

Well, this year we thought it would be great to compile a little list of companies that have gifts that kids of ALL abilities can enjoy - from toys to clothes and everything in between! We'll highlight a few that we think are particularly amazing, and provide links to others, but all in all, we hope that you just enjoy scrolling through, making your shopping lists, and spreading a little bit of inclusive holiday cheer!

First up....



1. Meet ClaraBelle Blue by Adiba Nelson

You didn't think we'd leave our book off the list, did you?

Meet ClaraBelle Blue is the debut children's picture book by Adiba Nelson and the first book of The ClaraBelle Series. Loosley based on Nelson's daughter, Meet ClaraBelle Blue is told through the voice of ClaraBelle's mom, Viola. In this funny, sweet, beautifully illustrated book we get to see how like the other kids ClaraBelle truly is, and children reading it will come to find that what ClaraBelle's mom says in the book is true - "she's ClaraBelle Blue, and she's just like YOU!"

not so diff.jpg

2. We're Not So Different After All by Lissette Lent

We're Not So Different After All introduces us to the sweet, precocious, always fashionable Maggie Hope. Told through the eyes of her older brother, we learn that just because Maggie has some special needs, and wears red glasses, that doesn't mean that she doesn't love to play and have fun - just like other kids! Don't miss the great conversation starters at the end of this book!


3. Wonder by RJ Palacio

Wonder, the book that was just made into a major motion picture starring Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson, has remained in the Amazon Top 10 for most of 2017. And it's no surprise. The story of Auggie being the new kid in school is one that all kids can relate to; except that Auggie isn't just the new kid. He's the new kid who looks a little different from the other kids.  Pick up Wonder for the young reader in your life, and then just let the conversations flow. 

out of my mind.jpg

4. Out Of My Mind by Sharon Draper

Written from the viewpoint of Melody Brooks, a young girl with spastic cerebral palsy, who is also non-verbal, Out Of My Mind offers keen insights to the thoughts of someone who cannot communicate in traditional ways. So often people equate physical disability and being non-verbal with lower intelligence.  This book dispels that notion, as well as serves to potentially break down the wall of communication between typically abled, verbal children, and those who are not.  


5. Decibella and her 6-inch Voice by Julia Cook

Oh Decibella, Decibella. It's hard sometimes to control ourselves in social situations. We don't always know how to act, where to go, or even how loud or not-so-loud to be. This hilarious book is perfect for your little one who might have some issues around social interactions. Decibella and her 6-inch Voice  is sure to be a bedtime favorite!


adaptive clothing.png


Target has SO MANY cute choices in adaptive fashion, for such AFFORDABLE prices! Their new CAT & JACK Adaptive Styles are adorable AND functional. Pullover sweatshirts with hidden openings for easy abdominal access (perfect for feeding tubes, ostomy bags, and insulin pumps), tagless, flat seam tees for our friends with sensory issues, and easy-dress pajamas and jackets! Snap closure, side access and removable sleeves make Target a natural go-to for holiday shopping that won't break the bank! Click each photo for a larger view. PRICE RANGE: $4.50 - $39.99


If you've got some wiggle room in your wallet, check out the new TOMMY ADAPTIVE line from fashion magnate, Tommy Hilfiger. Popular in the mid-late 90's for his classic, easy style, he's back, and thinking about fashion for ALL. With button down shirts that hide magnet closures, and adjustable width pant legs that make room for AFO's (ankle-foot orthotics), the line is as inclusive as it is cute! Click on the images for larger views. PRICE RANGE: $11.99 - $100.00


If your kiddo wears AFOs (Ankle Foot Orthotics) you know how difficult it is to find cute shoes that actually FIT the braces. The ones they give you with your braces are not what we would forward...or even sports friendly. However Nike and Converse (coincidentally both under the same parent company), have designed quite a few styles that work incredibly well for fitting AFOs, and also allow for independent dressing! SO RAD! Click the pictures for a larger view. PRICE RANGE: $29.97 - $90.00



So, we could dedicate an entire blog post to JUST toys that work in a gazillion different ways for all of our friends and their various needs, but luckily we don't have to! Toys 'R Us has already done all the work for us! Click on the image below to be taken directly to their Toy Guide for Differently Abled Kids, and search for toys that fit your kiddos specific needs - from social to sensory to language and motor. It's all in ONE PLACE! Scroll down a little further and you'll find their recommended apps! We just love this guide so much, we had to share it with you!

And there you have it - our handy guide that will *hopefully* help with your holiday shopping! Have a wonderful, WONDERFUL holiday season!