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Girl Scouts for ALL!!

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Girl Scouts for ALL!!

Adiba Nelson




We are so thrilled to annouce a collaboration between RocketChair Produtions and Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona! Together, we've developed the Girl Scouts VIA Patch Program (also known as Girl Scouts for ALL)!

In 2014, Adiba (Founder and President of RocketChair Productions) had an unfotunate experience with her daughter, and her local Girl Scout troop. It left her angry, sad, and confused all at the same time. Finding out that her daughter, Emory, who uses a wheelchair and a communication device was not being *actively* included in the activities her troop was engaging in was not the Girl Scouts she remembered as a kid. 

Fast forward 4 years and in collaboration with Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona, RocketChair Productions has created a program that brings attention to the need for Visibility, Inclusion, and Accessibility (VIA) for people with various special needs. It is evidence of what can happen when people work together to turn a negative situation into a life changing, potentially WORLD changing program.





The VIA  Patch Program will not only introduce girls to the concept of inclusion of people with special needs (by way of introduction to the children’s book Meet ClaraBelle Blue), but it will also explore the accessibility of structures and locales for people with mobility aides. In the end, the Girl Scouts will create ways that ALL girls can play together, regardless of ability.

Girls participating in the program do not need to have prior experience playing with other children that have special needs. This program is built to foster empathy, kindness, compassion, and an inclusive heart and mindset.

What each girl will receive:

1 signed copy of Meet ClaraBelle Blue

1 VIA Patch

Girls the VIA Patch Program is open to:





To speak to someone about how YOUR Girl Scout Troop can obtain VIA Inclusion Patch, click here