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Instagram...Take me Awaaaaaayyyyy

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Instagram...Take me Awaaaaaayyyyy

Adiba Nelson

Y'all, my life is CRAZY. Yes. That's right - all caps CRAZY. I wake up at 5 a.m. just so I can get a little bit of work done in silence before the house wakes up, because once 615 hits, there's no going back. I'm no longer Adiba. Once that clock turns I become Mama-Babe-Chauffer-Emory's Mom. 

Which is fine. I mean, I am all of those things but Lord have mercy - sometimes I feel like my head is spinning! As I'm sure yours does when everyone needs something and you haven't quite figured out what you need to get through the day yet. Between #worklife, #wifelife, and #MOMLIFE, finding even 30 minutes of quiet for yourself can be like trying to find the baby's pacifier during a long car trip - IMPOSSIBLE. But somehow, I do. I carve out 30 minutes in the middle of my day (usually lunch time), to NOT work, NOT answer emails, NOT take phone calls (unless it's my BFF or the school calling), and just peruse Instagram. Not Facebook, and Not Twitter because those two platforms encourage social interaction and this is my 30 minutes of me-time. But with Instagram, I can just enjoy my lunch and scroll through all the inspirational memes, cute baby pictures, plus-sized fashionistas, and white dream kitchens from some of my FAVORITE 'Grammers. I want you to find your 30 minutes of bliss too, so because I love you, I'm going to share some of my absolute most favorite Instagrammers EVER. 


For inspiration I turn to BOSSBABE. Not only do I love the brand colors (pink and black), but the meme's they create for the woman entrepreneur give me LIFE! Here are a few of my faves:

Seriously. How can you not go take over the world after reading those? Cue Beyonce's Run the World (Girls). And of course, when you're changing the world, it's ok to be cute, so for my fashion obsession, I go covet everything at Eloquii and Elvi. Check out these AMAZING looks folks - they go straight from work day to date night.


Let's just be honest with each other. #Momlife is HARD. I often joke that as long as everyone is breathing at the end of the day, that's a solid WIN, but the act of keeping everyone breathing is the hard part. SO. MANY. MOVING. PARTS. Here are some moms I love to follow that remind me that 1. it's okay 2. we're all just doing the best we can with what we got, and 3. life does not end at the first (or 1000th)  Pinterest dinner fail. 

@momlife_isthuglife - this mama cracks me up with her posts. I dunno what it is - but I feel like she gets me....

@mightymissmaya - oh the many things I could say about Miss Maya and her mama. I love this Instagram mama and her little Maya so much. I feel like, through them, I see someone who sees me and Emory. Sometimes I feel like Maya's mama is documenting their life with the same joie de vivre, honesty, and hilarity that we live ours.


In the midst of all the chaos of LIFE life, it helps to settle into #wifelife every now and again - the luxurious parts of it. Like what would be a great idea for a date night, or my personal favorite - designing my dream house. My current obsessions: 

@the_real_houses_of_ig - Because kitchens and bathrooms and living rooms, OH MY!

@datenightinbox - Because mommy and daddy need adult time and it shouldn't break the bank! Full disclosure: I am not always great at getting a date night on the calendar, so the reason I love Date Night In's IG feed is because it gives me tons of sweet quick, ideas to let me guy know I'm thinking of him...and love him. 

So there ya have it - my quick and easy way to get some me time in 30 minutes, in the middle of my day! Trust me - it keeps me sane! What do you like to do for your "me time" ? Do you have any really great Instagram handles I absolutely MUST follow? Tell me in the comments! 

*P.S. Major brownie points if your suggested Instagrammers include The Rock, Idris Elba, or adorable babies.