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"Meet ClaraBelle Blue" is one of the most diverse children's books on the market. The series helps children see that kids with special needs are just like them, kids! And gives kids with special needs the visibility they deserve! A darling story of acceptance, diversity, and inclusion! Meet ClaraBelle Blue - she's just like YOU!

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Children's Book About Special Needs - Meet ClaraBelle Blue


Hi! I'm ClaraBelle Blue, and I'm just like YOU! 

Really, I am! I bet we would have so much fun playing together! Do you like to race toy cars, jump rope, bake cookies with your mommy, or play with dolls? ME TOO!

You know what my FAVORITE thing to do is?

Make sardine sandwiches for my mommy! Have you ever made one for your mom? I love to do all sorts of fun things, but the most fun things is 'zoom zoom' ing around in my awesome hot pink wheelchair!

Isn't it cool?! It helps me do so many awesome things! It takes me to the playground, to school; it even took me to my best friend's birthday party! We went bowling, and it was so much fun! I have special needs so I need a little help getting around, and doing some things, but I love being a kid and doing all the things we kids love to do! Can you think of some things we can play together? I can! Write to me and tell me about all the fun things you like to do (but get your parent's permission first). 


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Wanna join my crew? If you join, I'll send you special letter every month - with a secret message JUST FOR YOU! I'll also tell you really funny jokes, send you games to play, and even really yummy recipes to try with mom and dad! Join my crew here